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Let’s Keep our Sundays Alive!

 Can you imagine your life living on current time for a long time. For me it’s like killing me because the most of the days while I’m at work I’m used to spend the whole day staring to a screen without having any other options of going out. So now the main concept of this blog post is to try to get things straight. For me getting the thing straight Is to try having a balanced life and this is not obvious. So what is a balanced life?

A balanced life for me is to be ready not only to understand what’s happening around but you also get used to any situation that you may deal with. So you should understand yourself by staying at home for a while but also you need to feel balanced. So balance is not only the mentally and physically shelf it’s also to do what you really want

this concept sometimes pisses me off because when you’re so used to routine you may not find the right time to think about what is happening and you get used to situations that it doesn’t express your feelings. Then you should try get out of the situation and take under the consideration three main concept.

  1. Try to be happy and try to do what makes you happy
  2. get yourself into shape both mentally and physically
  3. take yourself away from your screen