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dimitris geromichalos about digital marketing and anxiety

The anxiety rules, saved my life

  • Wake up specific time. No snooze.
  • No phone time for an hour.
  • Go for a 10 minutes walK
  • Focus on bawling your Favourite tea.
  • Wrap up your daily tasks. Digitally or Physically
  • Take a small break for Breakfast
  • 1 Thing at a time. Multitasking is wrong.
  • Close all notifications while working
  • Take small breaks every hour.
  • Never Eat on your Desk 
  • Have something to wait for. Weekend should make you feel complete.
  • Listen to happy Music.

Anxiety is your friend now.

Just love yourself and try to say no to anxiety, ruining your life. This the rules i use in my daily routine and help me avoid feeling stressful.